Purpose and Team Role

The team’s purpose is to support organisations, teams, professionals and practitioners to engage in safe, ethical, competent, person centred practice.

The role of the team is to ensure that health and social care professionals and their practice contribute to the delivery of quality person centred outcomes. Interventions are designed to support safe, competent & ethical practice. Central to this is facilitating health and social care professionals’ participation in practice and administrative policy decision making. Using Action Learning methodology ensures the cognitive whole of the organisation or staff team and the people who use the service is utilised to inform service development, design / redesign while learning is embedded in the culture of the organisation.

Using a Living Theory approach underpinned by person centred thinking informs service development by embedding a shared language through dialogic learning. This approach supports the use of evidenced based practice to continually improve and drive up standards. We recognise that teams are made up of individuals who have their own unique characteristics. Harnessing what people do best, in a system that manages around their weaknesses, enables individuals and teams to develop within an appreciative and supportive environment.
Leaders in the organisation understand what motivates and drives individuals to be successful and focus on these strengths to create a shared dialogue from which the team flourish.

The teams philosophy is underpinned by the values of person centred care and support which, through a shared contract (personalised care plan) maintains the people and families served by Planning with People at the heart of ethical practice. This is reflected through the principles of integrity, responsibility, accountability, confidentiality and advocacy. Interventions provided by the team and those they support are communiecated through the values of: commitment, truthfulness, transparency, integrity, social justice, clarity of expectations, passion and humour.