Working with Children & Family Services

East Lancashire PCT used Planning with People processes and tools to develop an intervention for familes where one or more children had been identified as living with obesity. This programme was identified as an example of best practice by the Department of Health and a showcase presentation was well received by the then Under Secretary of State for Health.

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Report from Staff Team at Morecombe Bay Family Resource Centre

Planning with People Process and Tools

Quotes from staff at Morecombe Bay Family Resource Centre and Feedback from Familes using Morecombe Bay Family Support Services

Planning with People - Presentation by Frankie Shorrocks, Morecombe Family Suport Resource Services

Timeline demonstrating the development of person centred planning within service delivery for children and their families

Sam's Story: Why did Sam join the OSCAR Programme, How did OSCAR support Sam and How did OSCAR make a difference to Sam and his family?

Planning with People Showcase - a Presentation by Dr Clive Acraman

Planning with People Showcase - a Presentation by Rachel Hemingway

Opportunities in Adult Weight Management Services


What people say

“Continuity of care, and understanding a particular child’s needs, wishes, and feelings is something we, as a profession often mess up. It is true that Care Plans and LAC documents are our tools for ensuring needs, wishes and feelings are considered, and to some level these tools are effective. What Family Essential Lifestyle Plans offer however, is a true voice for the child to express what is important to them, from their perspective within the context of their family.” (Social Worker)
“I didn’t know what to expect when I began creating my family’s Essential Lifestyle Plan with support from my local Sure Start programme. I had seen individual plans and commented how wonderful it would be for my foster children to have their own individual plan. However, now we have our family plan, I believe it is really important not only that foster children own their own plan, but that all foster carers have plans to enable better matching and, where possible, for children placed to become a part of the foster family’s Essential Lifestyle Plan.” (Foster carer)
"My initial attempt at using some person centred approaches was with a family who are soon to move out of the area. Three of their children have multiple problems and the family have demonstrated a good deal of perseverance and tenacity in their dealings with a variety of services. In helping the parents to write-up the nature of the services the children need I have been able to incorporate components of Family Essential Lifestyle Plans such as “Positive Reputation,” which have captured aspects of the children’s personalities, abilities and behaviours that would have been left out of the picture if I had simply focussed on a sort of “Problem –Service” report. (Health Visitor)